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Your Perfect Accessories, right at your doorstep.

You’re a stylish gal or want to be a stylish gal but you don’t have the time or energy to grab those pretty little pieces that complete your outfit.

LOBE LOVE is here to help! Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Jenn Loyd curates an on-trend collection of 4 statement earrings that show up at your door for each fashion season. 

4 earrings, 4x a year straight to your doorstep. 


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How It Works


Become a member and for just $49.99 each season, you’ll get 4 on- trend statement earrings, valued at $100. 


Each season you get to choose your earrings or we will surprise you. You’ll love all the jewelry either way!


Indulge in a community of women who push through their fears, believe we can achieve our dreams & who rise together!  

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LOBE LOVE is a statement earring membership service that exists to make your life easier and more stylish

Select a plan, checkout & choose your earrings!

The Trendsetter



billed yearly

4 pairs of Seasonal Statements
early access to customize
20% shop discount
earlier shipping
$20 savings

the inspired



billed quarterly

4 pairs of Seasonal Statements
early access to customize
10% shop discount
earlier shipping
bills on the 5th of each quarter

Membership perks

hit refresh each new Season

Pull together all the outfits
you already have in your closet
with sparkly new statement earrings from us! 

Save money & Stop the guilt train

LOBE LOVE is your guilt- free pleasure! We save you time & money while boosting your confidence whether in person or over zoom!

Never shop for earrings again

We curate the perfect collection for each
season and – you get to rock ’em.
Sounds like a win-win to us!

“I absolutely LOVE Lobe Love. It's the best subscription I've ever had, and I'm obsessed!”


– Rachel @sinndixie

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “These earrings totally make my outfits! They are beautiful, super stylish and very high quality. It means I’m taking more selfies since getting my first gorgeous box! ”


– Rishma Walji

“I was never an earring person until I was gifted a Lobe Love subscription and now I can’t stop wearing them! I love every pair!”


– Kati P

I started wearing Lobe Love earrings to add to my basic outfits, which made them not so basic which magically made me feel so much better about myself.


– Jen C. 

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